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God's gift to women can now be gifts from you

ManServants can now be delivered with one click to anywhere in the world.

  • Gift Cards

    Send your girlfriend an unforgettable experience with Heartbreak, Arm Candy, Domestic, or the ManServant. They’ll dote on her faster than you can say, "Jealous.For the perfect last minute gift, order an e-card for scheduled email delivery. Real life gift cards feature gold foil."

    Pre Order for December 9

    E-Card Gift Card
  • The Manservant Tee

    "There’s nothing sexier than a guy wearing a classic T"—is what you’ll say to your boyfriend when you hand him this T with an innocent smile. He’ll wear it because let’s be honest, it’s true. And you’ll love him for it so you’ll shower him with gratitude. See, everyone wins in the end. Printed on American Apparel.

    $29 (Tax included)

  • ManGram

    ManServants say what a card never could. Send your girlfriends a greeting with ManServants serving compliments, not come-ons. Write a personalized message and he'll say it with a wink and a sexy smile. Bow chicka bow wow.

    $25 per video

    I love my friend
  • #InstaLover

    There’s nothing like opening up Instagram and feeling double-taps of applause. Sign your girlfriend up for her own #InstaLover, and a ManServant will 'like' and compliment all her posted photos #NoFilter.

    Available Seasonally